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Optimize your brands' creative and media investments with in-market customer feedback and normative targets across key success benchmarks.

You’ll have full results in as little as 48 hours.

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How is your TV ad performing? Is it breaking through and being recalled? Do consumers attribute the correct brand to the ad? How are consumers responding to the ad? Find out quickly and cost effectively with AdTrack Express, a solution based on element54'€™s validated in-marketing advertising tracking performance framework.

AdTrack Express empowers you to quickly and confidently decide:

  • Should I continue airing this TV ad?
  • Is my branding strong enough?
  • Is the ad supporting Communication objectives?
AdTrack Express understands the strengths and weaknesses of the TV ad, and empowers confident decisions with your advertising investments, against a robust and validated set of advertising norms for all key measures.

What you get with AdTrack Express:

Sample Breakdown:

  • N = 300 Gen Pop (ENG); French available
  • Age (census Gen Pop representative)
  • Gender (census Gen Pop representative)
  • Region (census Gen Pop representative)

This research method was developed by Element54.

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About Element54

Element54 is a Toronto & Montreal based strategic full-service market research firm, which specializes in Concept & Product Innovation Optimization, Brand Strategy & Positioning, Creative Development Testing, and Brand/Advertising Tracking. The element54 team has managed over 250 Advertising Tracking programs in 30+ countries worldwide, and is a leader in Canadian advertising Norms and benchmarks.

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