Big bank adapts its creative process

How one of Canada’s largest financial institutions took its market testing from 4 weeks to 48 hours

When one of Canada’s largest financial institutions wanted to introduce new creative content within its branches, the bank’s marketing team wanted to ensure it was changed frequently to keep the messaging fresh and relevant.

The team began to develop bimonthly themes based on research they had previously conducted. But, they soon realized it was taking a long time to gain consensus due to the number of stakeholders they were working with – all of whom were bringing their own subjectivity to the creative evaluation.

The bank’s marketing team needed to find a faster, more efficient and fact-based approach for managing its creative content.

The Solution

The bank engaged Methodify to essentially automate its research process.

After the first concept test, the bank’s marketing team walked into their regular creative meeting with their executives who took one look at the results, which clearly indicated the preferred concept, and the meeting was over.

Every creative test since then has allowed everyday Canadians to choose the bank’s creative theming and every time there has been a clear winner, allowing the marketing team to remove the spin caused by subjective input from their process.


As a result of adapting their creative process, the bank’s marketing team has seen their timeline shrink from four weeks to 48 hours, as they have realized efficiencies in the executive approval process and have able to reduce their costs by 45 per cent.