About Methodify

As brands continue to integrate customer insights into every step of the marketing process, marketers are searching for new, repeatable methods and channels to access consumer opinions. They need results quickly, and they need a cost-effective means to capture data that is supported by rigorous research methodologies.

To meet this growing demand in the marketplace, Delvinia developed Methodify.

Methodify is an automated market research platform that enables marketers to gain consumer insights in three easy steps and in as little as 48 hours.

  1. Begin by selecting one of our industry-proven research methods
  2. Configure the method and launch
  3. See real-time results, then download the final data upon completion

Do you have established research methods of your own? We’ll import your methods into Methodify to create a method your entire team can use.

About Delvinia

Founded in 1998, Delvinia is an innovation company that includes a successful portfolio of digital businesses, each with a focus on data collection.

Delvinia Custom Solutions uses new and emerging technologies to help clients collect, visualize and enable data; AskingCanadians and AskingAmericans offer a range of data collection services to market researchers throughout North America, including access to an online research community of more than one million Canadians; and Methodify provides marketers with the ability to gain customer insights through an innovative online platform in as little as 48 hours.